WPRA XV to take on France U18s

A Western Province Rugby Academy XV will face up to the French Under-18 national team in a friendly match at Villager’s on Friday evening at 18h00. Entry is free.

The (WPRA) Invitational team is made up of players from both the WP Rugby Academy and the WP Rugby Institute and they should provide great competition for the French national team.
The French Rugby Union have sent their Under-18 side to play a series of matches in South Africa which includes clashes against the WP Academy Invitational team and the Under-18 outfits of Wales, England and South Africa.
The series runs until August 24, with some of the ‘internationals’ taking place at City Park on Friday, August 15.
The teams:
WP Academy Invitational: 1 Stef Oberholzer (WPRA), 2 Reichardt Louw (WPRI), 3 Stephen Robbertse (WPRI), 4 Chris van der Merwe (WPRI), 5 Lohann Louw (WPRA), 6 Jacques Oosthuisen (WPRA), 7 Dihann Koen (WPRI), 8 Graham Geldenhuys (WPRI), 9 Kelsey Tait (WPRA), 10 Siya Alam (WPRI), 11 Pieter Rossouw (WPRI), 12 Wilbre Van Wyk (WPRA), 13 Sibahle Maxwane (WPRI), 14 Gavian Cloete (WPRA), 15 Henri du Toit (WPRA), 16 Dihann van Staden (WPRA), 17 Chadley Jones (WPRA), 18 Yusiry van der Schyff (WPRA), 19 Michael Badenhorst (WPRA), 20 Dean Basson (WPRA), 21 Reimerd Spreeth (WPRA), 22 Reinold Benadie (WPRA), 23 Muller Brink (WPRA), 24 Rohann Adams (WPRA), 25 Luan Boshoff (WPRI), 26 Daylan Daniels (WPRI).

Coach: Anton Moolman

France Under-18: 1 Clement Castets (Montpellier HRC), 2 Yann de Fauverge (USA Perpignan), 3 Hugo Pirlet (Stade Toulousain), 4 Florian Verhaeghe (US Montauban), 5 Theo Hannoyer (AS Tournus), 6 Jean-Baptiste Grenod (Pays D’aix RC), 7 Judicael Cancoriet (RC Massy), 8 Anthony Jelonch (FC Auch), 9 Antoine Dupont (FC Auch), 10 Anthony Belleau (SU Agen), 11 Karim Qadiri (RC Massy), 12 Louis Fajfrowski (Montpellier HRC), 13 Eliott Roudil (ATL. Stade Rochelais), 14 Timothee Haw (Montpellier HRC), 15 Romain Buros (Section Paloise), 16 Quentin Walcker (USA Perpignan), 17 Florian Dufour (SU Agen), 18 Michael Simutoga (ASM Clermont Auvergne), 19 Emerick Setianio (RC Toulon), 20 Guillaume Ducat (Tarbes PYR.), 21 Pierre Reynaud (USA Perpignan), 22 Boris Palu (Racing Metro 92), 23 Selevasio Tolofua (Stade Toulousain), 24 Christophe Kaiser (RC Narbonne), 25 Francke Pourteau (Stade Toulousain), 26 Dorian Laborde (Stade Montois), 27 Louis Decrop (Stade Toulousain).

Coach: Philipe Agostini

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