WPRA 7’s squad to take on UCT, Maties and UWC at the Green Mile

On Monday 20 October 18:00pm the WPRA will be taking on the 3 top universities in the Western Cape in a sevens tournament . Maties Rugby Club, Ikey Tigers and University of the Western Cape will all be in attendance and we are extremely excited to be a part of it.

Venue: UCT rugby fields – The Green Mile

First game kick-off @ 18:00pm

Each team will play 3 matches.

Fixtures follows:

18:00 UWC vs WPR Academy
18:15 Maties vs UCT
18:30 UWC vs Maties
18:45 UCT vs WP Academy
19:00 UWC vs UCT
19:15 Maties vs WP Academy

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