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WPRA Blazer Ceremony Live Stream Link

The WPRA boys are ON FIRE. We may be biased, but we think that this has to be the BEST two Jerusalema Challenges EVER! The “Jerusalema” dance challenge is taking social media by storm. People around the world are sharing videos of themselves dancing to the hit song “Jerusalema” by South African musician Master KG, featuring the […]

UXI RSD Partnership!

Did you hear the GREAT news?! The UXI RSD Youth Development Institute Pathway is officially underway πŸ‰

Join RSD from when you are a child, and follow the guided pathway right into our one of our UXI Sport Rugby Institutes when you are a young adult. The future for your child has never been brighter! πŸ’ͺ

Check out all the amazing work that RSD South Africa does – we are so excited about this journey with them, and with YOU!

UXI Sport Institutes – SA Rugby Magazine Promotion!

If you are an avid rugby fan, then you have surely come across the nationally-renowned “SA Rugby Magazine” company, be it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even if you purchase their monthly magazine edition. SA Rugby Magazine is a media powerhouse in the South African Rugby World, and we are lucky enough to be involved with them now!

The UXI Sport Rugby Institutes, which includes the Western Province Rugby Academy, the Cheetahs Institute of Excellence, and the Harlequins Rugby Factory, are currently being promoted by SA Rugby Magazine across all media platforms. This is FANTASTIC for the WPRA, as we can now reach the eyes of thousands of more young aspiring rugby players across the country, who may not have known about us before! We are thrilled at the response which we have gotten from our SA Rugby Magazine promotions thus far; we are excited to see how many other individuals we can reach, and hopefully help makes their dreams a reality!

Check our “SA Rugby Magazine” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their printed magazines to see some of our features!