The WP Rugby Academy has hosted many International and club teams during their tour to Cape Town. Our relationship with many clubs and schools gives us the ability to organize a host of fixtures and/or game simulated training sessions. The WPRA aims at providing the full experience of a tour which includes escorted tours of our amazing city. Tours can be administratively challenging, however, hosting your tour with us means we will handle all your logistics and make it a memorable experience for all. Touring Cape Town with the WPRA as your host gives you access to:

    • Training facilities
    • Gym facilities
    • Fixtures
    • Expert coaching
    • Testing batteries and reports
    • Physiotherapists
    • Performance Analyst/Analysis services as well as a video memorial montage (as seen above)
    • Guided tourist excursions

    If you are interested in touring Cape Town and having the full touring experience then please contact us.