Whole Person Development

The WPRA continually strives to improve the holistic development of it’s players/students, through exposing them to educational courses, lectures and skills transfer initiatives which are designed to achieve “Whole Person Development”.

Through our expanding number of partners, we design and offer a host of options and a curriculum that will fit into the demanding schedule of a High Performance Rugby Program.

The demands of our rugby program make completing a full-time degree or diploma extremely difficult for a young adult due to a number of

  1. Exhaustion and fatigue
  2. Provincial selection commitments (Unable to attend lectures)
  3. Extended Diploma’s and degrees mean that it will take at least 2 years to complete the first year of that course, which is normally deemed as not practical for the student.

We have therefore designed a set of external options as well as internal lectures and curriculum that the WPRA players/students can participate in which fit into their demanding schedules.

Our range of courses and lectures cover both academic options, as well as business and sport. Whether the player signs up for external courses or not, every player will be exposed to and taught aspects of Sport Psychology, Nutrition, World Rugby Coaching (Level 1) and Refereeing (qualification), Rugby Safety (Boksmart course), Technical rugby analysis and Sports Conditioning/Anatomy/Nutrition. Players also have a number of external courses in Sport available to them for those that wish to obtain qualifications or pursue a career in the Sports Industry.

Through our well established partnerships we offer a number of options to keep the players/students intellectually stimulated so that they can continue furthering their education for life outside of rugby.

The courses we have identified are Short Course Certificates which will be valuable additions to their educational CV’s. and are designed to equip the individual to go onto to be a professional in other respects over and above playing rugby. These include:

  • Computer Literacy 6 week Course – (Exam)
  • Personal Skill Development 2 week course (Exam)
  • Sport and Performance Psychology – 10 month program

Sports Psychology

The WPRA prides itself on providing a professional and holistically planned programme for young athletic development.  Since its conception in 2014 the WPRA have occupied a well established strategic partnership with Wellbeing and Sport and Performance Psychology professionals from Headstrong Consulting (Pty) Ltd. Both WPRA and Headstrong recognise the importance and necessity of providing structures, education, and professional guidance beyond just the physical and technical development that is needed for aspiring young rugby players.

Course options & partners


HFPA (Sports related courses & career tracks)

  • Personal Training
  • Sports Events Planning
  • Sport Facility Management
  • Fitness Director
  • Professional Athletics Coaching
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Sports Massage
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Coaching Science
  • Sports Phsycology
  • And more…….

GetSmarter (Online courses – Study where you want, when you want)

  • Over 60 online courses in Business, Finance, Marketing, Art & Design, Law

CTI (On Campus business skills development courses)

  • Personal Skills Development
  • Computer Literacy Theory
  • Computer Literacy – Word & Excel
  • Computer Literacy – Access database & Powerpoint
  • And more……..