High performance rugby programme

In an often over structured approach to rugby, many players have lost the ability to see space , communicate and execute their option’s correctly. With a high emphasis being placed on the skills required, our core focus is on the correct decision making in these respective areas. Speed, Spatial awareness, Conditioning and Reaction are integral parts of creating a great rugby player. WPRA will positively influence your view on how rugby can be played, at an intensity and pace that will transform your game. Couple these with the sound basic fundamentals we will ensure that upon graduation, you will have the best possible platform from which to fulfil your rugby potential.

When it comes to rugby training and conditioning, understanding the developmental stage of young adults between the ages 19 -21 is critical. The WPRA bases it’s programme around the latest in sport science and research and aligns to and shares information with the WP Rugby Institute.

We place a much emphasis on correct fundamental movement and body alignment combined with strength and overall conditioning by adopting a periodised rugby-specific format, enabling players to deliver peak performance in-season. With rugby being a high-contact sport where timing of peak fitness and body conditioning is crucial, this approach is key.

WP Rugby Academy will take each player through a training program beginning with body alignment and core work and correct resistance training and then progress to rugby-specific training and conditioning, incorporating the correct power training techniques that are critical for optimal performance and confidence on the field. This training will be performed under the supervision of our professional fitness and conditioning team.