Can anybody apply to be part of the WPRA?

We can only accommodate a limited number of players. Some of the players are junior contracted players at Western Province, other Unions and SA Rugby, but the Academy mostly caters for players that have not yet been contracted. There are a number of open places that we make available to applicants. All applicants will be considered and reviewed for selection into the programme.

What do I do to apply?

To make yourself eligible for selection, please send a short personal CV to info@wprugbyacademy.com with no more than the following information:

• Full Name
• Birth-date / ID number
• High School attended and team represented in Gr 11 and Gr 12
• Other teams represented (Craven Week, Academy Week etc.)
• Height
• Weight
• Any additional conditioning tests if applicable (Skinfolds, repeated sprint etc.)
• Last academic results and subjects (Gr 11. Sufficient)
• Short Motivation on why you would like to attend the WPRA
• Schedule of your matches for the season
• Please do not attach any additional documents such as school diplomas or certificates, only a school results report will be accepted

Are there bursaries and sponsors for candidates and is it only for players who played Craven Week?

Depending on the needs of Western Province and the Academy, the personal circumstance of the applicant and the availability of bursaries, some applicants can be granted bursaries. Craven Week players do not automatically qualify for bursaries and players who did not play Craven Week can also qualify for bursaries.

What is the cost of the programme?

The full cost of the programme per player will be discussed individually.

What does the programme include and what is the player’s responsibility?

It can include accommodation (where required but not compulsory), meals during the week, all training and match clothing, all rugby coaching, all conditioning coaching, an allocated amount of physiotherapy treatment, rugby program lectures and field trips. It does not include medical costs (medicine, scans, hospitalisation, etc.). It is every participant’s responsibility to make sure that he is on a medical plan.

Is it part of Western Province Rugby?

Yes. The Academy is part of Western Province Rugby and fully integrated with the Western Province Rugby Institute (WPRI). 

All players who are not studying at a tertiary institution must be at the Institute. At the end of the year the contracting committee of Western Province will then contract players for the union. Players will also be identified and put forward to other unions and/or clubs. The coaching plays and systems are handed down from the senior coach to ensure consistency and it is therefore the same as that of the senior sides (Institute, Stormers and Currie  Cup).

Can I study if I am part of the Western Province Rugby Academy?

Absolutely. There are a number of education course options available to players, from distance learning to full-time courses. However, students can also take  education courses of the own choice as long as this does not intefere with the WPRA program in terms of time and logistics. We advise and encourage all players to study or take a course, even if short-term courses, during their time at the WPRA. Some players will opt for a full-time study program at Varsity, if the course allows time for their Rugby Program. We advise the players that if they are looking to do a full-time University course, that they research well and understand the demands that will be placed on them if combining a full-time study schedule with a professional rugby schedule, as we do not want players to feel that they are over committed and as a result not able to cope. Full-time courses at University will need to be investigated by the player/student in terms of the studdy schedule and how it will fit into the WPRA program. We will work with the student and advise on each specific case.

We would advise all parents and students to contact us and discuss the education options with the WPRA if they are concerned.

FAQ didnt solve your problem?

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