About WPRA and what we do

The academy’s role is to develop you! To work on your skills , your  conditioning, your decision making and to understand your part in the team. In our opinion, young players can only develop in context. In rugby, that context is their team. In other words there are no substitutes for playing.

Western Province has more quality schoolboy rugby players than anywhere in the country or even the world; hence the redefining of our development model. We believe the time has come to develop our own talent according to our unique and diverse Rugby culture that is filled with class, flair and calculated risk taking. We believe that individuality is based on creating fine rugby players who are fine human beings.

WPRA Mission

Our Mission lies in transforming young boys into rugby-playing men by making use of an individually designed functional strength and conditioning program, which will be backed-up by expert lifestyle management, diet, image as well as finishing.

In other words, we will be producing intelligent rugby players and people by focusing on ‘Whole Person Development’. This programme is a first of its kind in the world. It takes core competencies such as decision making, communication, coping with pressure, etc and integrate them with rugby and conditioning.

Understanding how to develop aspiring athlete’s is what we do. Based at The Athlete Development Centre (ADC), whose core focus is the integration of  existing best practice and the use of world leading methodology and research into how young Athletes develop.

You will not be alone, The ADC is home to a range of other professional athletes who recognise the benefits of training in a disciplined environment under the supervision of a range of fitness and medical professionals to help you achieve your potential.